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B O A T - W O R L D . C O M      U S E R     A G R E E M E N T

By using Boat-World.com, all visitors agree to abide by the terms of the following user agreement. 

1. Services

Boat-World.com is an online classified ads system for individuals, brokers and boat dealers looking to sell boats and related products to the general public. Boat dealers and brokers desiring to sell their properties may advertise, without charge, on this website and in accordance with the terms, conditions and rules set forth herein. Customers interested in purchasing products may contact the persons with products by utilizing the means provided by Boat-World.com.

2. Responsibilities of Individual Sellers, Boat Brokers or Dealers.

Any information submitted by individuals, brokers and boat dealers must be true, correct and accurate to the best of their knowledge. Any information submitted by individuals, brokers and boat dealers may be relied upon by customers. All visitors using Boat-World.com do so at their own risk. All visitors using boat-World.com agree that it is the responsibility of the buyer to verify the validity of any seller or financial institution before making payments of any kind. All individual sellers agree to not post any type of SPAM or request any type of online deposit or payment from potential buyers. 

3. Responsibilities of Users.

It is the user's responsibility to verify the validity of a seller, private or dealer, before making any payments. All users agree to hold Boat-World.com and it's owners harmless for any losses as a result of using this website. All users agree to handle all financial transactions with a private seller in person or through a reputable escrow service. 

4. No Warranty; Limitation of Liability

Boat-World.com does not make any warranty, express or implied. Boat-World.com service is free to the public, and those persons choosing to utilize its services, do so on an "as is basis" and all warranties are disclaimed by Boat-World.com. Those persons desiring to utilize the services offered by Boat-World.com do so at their own risk and agree to hold Boat-World.com harmless for any and all actions, claims and suits.

5. Protecting Information

Boat-World.com has the right to protect data vital to the operation of the website. All email addresses and websites submitted by users will be hidden or framed in an attempt to prevent the data from being copied without permission. 

6. Abuse of Information

No means of solicitation are allowed on Boat World for any reason. Boat-World.com reserves the right to terminate the access of any person or company violating the terms, conditions and rules herein.

If you have any questions, please contact support

Thank you.


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