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Data Feed Process

If you have listings on an existing website, the information is stored in a database, which can be exported into a Microsoft Excel CSV file (comma separated value).

After a few preliminary steps, you can upload and update hundreds of listings with a click of a button.

Below are the steps required to set up your account for automated data feeds.

1- Request your web designer or programmer to export the data to a Microsoft Excel CSV file.
2- Send the file to Boat World. (We will provide the email address after signing up.)
3- Your data file will be configured for the import process and your listings created.
4- For future updates, your programmer needs to create a daily or weekly file to access. This is usually done by an automated process called a "Cron Job".

If your website is managed by a web development company that specializes in the boating industry like www.marinewebservices.com, it is possible they are already providing a data feed and simply need to add your company for complete automated updates.


Additional Instructions

-Include a notation in the top line of the Excel CSV file for what each field stands for.
-It does not matter what order the fields are in, but it is extremely important you do not vary the field format with subsequent updates, or the results will be incorrect. For example, in Excel CSV, if the first field is the year, it always needs to remain that way. If you must make a change, please notify when sending a modified update.
-You do not need to include company information in the data file, only the boat ads.
-Outside of the usual fields, you can include all general information in a single description field up to 5,000 characters.
-General fields such as the year, make, model, and description are required.

Adding Photos

To import photos using the data file, please include the URL of the photo on your own server in the data file. 

For example, if the photo for a particular listing is on your server at /yoursite.com/photos/ad102-photo1.jpg enter the following into a data field for that ad: http://www./yoursite.com/photos/ad102-photo1.jpg 

We do not link directly to your website for image hosting.

During the import the photos will be downloaded and stored on the Boat World server. 

At the moment we are importing a maximum of six photos. If you include more than six photo URLs, the first six will be used, and the remaining photos, up to twelve, will be posted in the coming weeks as we finish up a new site upgrade.

If you have any questions, please contact support.


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